Star-spangled brace

Authors: Levi GoldmanMagdalena Orasche, Dejan Tašner

Technology: laser cutting; brace – traditional orthotics, sewing, lamination
Materials: plastic, Velcro, leather, Poron, metal clamp
Prototype size: 39 

This custom-made brace meets all of the functionality criteria without compromising comfort and aesthetics. As we tend to see braces as footwear – and most people invest a lot of effort in finding the right footwear – it is essential that a brace be designed as a shoe rather than as a medical device. The star-spangled brace is light and can be worn under trousers, with a skirt or shorts, thanks to the non-medical design that gives it the look of a sleek sandal or boot.

Levi Goldman (USA) integrates wearable technology and physical disability into his research, focusing on design in prosthetics and mechatronics. 

Magdalena Orasche (AT/DE) is an industrial designer, and graduated from the University of Applied Arts
Vienna and the IADE University in Lisbon. 

Dejan Tašner (SI) is an engineer of orthotics and prosthetics, and holds a master’s degree in Management and Economics in Health Care from the Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana.