Aids for SPECIAL friends

19 December 1015, from 10AM to 1PM
Museum of Architecture and design, Ljubljana

Photo: KED Smetumet

Photo: KED Smetumet

People are different, and so are our toys. We’re going to make a crutch or prosthesis for the teddy bear that lost its leg, glasses for the short-sighted bunny, and a raincoat for the wheelchair bound Barbie doll. These aids are all very useful, but there’s no reason they shouldn’t also be stylish and attractive. We’ll be using only waste and surplus materials: fabrics, advertising placards and wood.

The purpose of the event is to help break various taboos and stereotypes, to get to know our many different abilities, and accept special and personal needs with empathy and understanding, and through positive identification.

Children should bring their own plush and other toys to the workshop.
Age: 4–12 years
Duration: 3 hours
Goal: fit toys with aids designed for users with motor and sensory impairments
Activities: children will make crutches, coats and glasses for their plush toys, talk about and identify their characteristics and needs, and design custom tailored aids, all with the aim of getting to know their SPECIAL friends – recycled toys with special needs
Skills and competences learned: learning about various motor and sensory impairments, aids that help people with sensory and motor impairments to live independently; learning what these impairments, conditions and aids are called, exploring solutions to create and use different aids, learning how to design and create them; the basics of sewing, cutting and tailoring; learning how a 3D printer works.
Materials: sewing kit, sewing machine, 3D printer, plywood, plexiglass, fabric and scrap advertising placards.
Special skills required: none
Mentors: Maja Rijavec and Alenka Kreč Bricelj
Applications and information: The workshop is free, but due to a limited number of places you should apply in advance at:
Short stop-motion films Special friends, made at the workshop with Kolja Saksida:

In Cooperation with RogLab production hub.