Author: Petja Zorec


Technology: sewing, seam sealing
Materials: Schoeller e3+ Protection Plus, elastic, metal rivet, waterproof zippers, retro-reflective tape
Size: S, M, L

Expressive in both its design and functionally, the perfected Pilius provides wheelchair-bound users with fast and efficient protection against rain. The coat’s thoughtfully designed form covers the entire body as well as the wheelchair, without compromising either the chair’s movement or functional operation. Pilius is conveniently integrated into a bag that can be attached to any manual wheelchair. Thanks to its innovative patent it takes no more than a few strokes to pull it over the body and the wheelchair. Fashioned from a technologically advanced material produced by the Swiss Schoeller, this smart raincoat is waterproof, windproof and breathable.

Petja Zorec (SI) is afashion designer, runs her own brand of the same name, and is a member of the design society Squat.

You can support or buy Pilius on Kickstarter!