Pilius on Kickstarter
Crowdfunding Campaign

Date: 09.12.2015 - 9.1.2016
Location: Kickstarter

Petja Zorec won first prize in the international DESIGN (DIS)ABILITY competition with, Pilius - an aesthetically and functionally designed raincoat for wheelchair users that enables fast and effective protection against the rain. After a full year of testing, of research and learning, exploring ideas for user scenarios and turning them into a set of prototypes, Pilius is ready to launch on Kickstarter. Petja and her team are starting this Kickstarter campaign in the hope that advances in design will eventually find their way into products for people with disabilities. The translucent fabric helps create a contemporary, urban look and emphasizes the individual style of the user.

Find out more on – link here https://www.facebook.com/Pilius-515891598581895/