Integrated brace

Authors: Levi Goldman, Magdalena Orasche, Dejan Tašner

Technology: laser cutting; brace – traditional orthotics, sewing, lamination
Materials: leather, plastic, glass fibre fabric, buckles, rubber
Prototype size: 39

The integrated brace is designed so as to allow the user to wear ballet flats with a skirt or trousers, something not normally possible because a thin sole does not offer the kind of support required for the leg brace. This design solution eliminates the need for the internal brace that causes heel pain and requires the user to wear robust shoes of different sizes. The integrated brace allows the user to enjoy a design-look that cannot be achieved with a regular separate brace, instead elegantly embracing the leg and discretely blending with the sole.

Levi Goldman (USA) integrates wearable technology and physical disability into his research, focusing on design in prosthetics and mechatronics. 

Magdalena Orasche (AT/DE) is an industrial designer, and graduated from the University of Applied Arts
Vienna and the IADE University in Lisbon. 

Dejan Tašner (SI) is an engineer of orthotics and prosthetics, and holds a master’s degree in Management and Economics in Health Care from the Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana.