Brace dress

Authors: Levi Goldman, Magdalena Orasche, Dejan Tašner

Technology: laser cutting; brace – traditional orthotics, sewing, lamination
Materials: plastic, leather, Velcro
Prototype size: 39

This design concept allows for ready-to-wear production, and offers flexibility in the search for a suitable shoe to wear with the brace, together with improved comfort, as stiff braces can often cause pain in the heel area. Another advantage of this design solution is that users can wear shoes of equal sizes. A user can wear a same-style accessory on the other foot to achieve a sense of symmetry. One brace can come with different “clothes” designed for different occasions and seasons, in a range of colours and materials.

Levi Goldman (USA), integrates wearable technology and physical disability into his research, focusing on design in prosthetics and mechatronics.

Magdalena Orasche (AT/DE), is an industrial designer, and graduated from the University of Applied Arts Vienna and the IADE University in Lisbon.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Dejan Tašner (SI) is an engineer of orthotics andprosthetics, and holds a master’s degree in Management and Economics in Health Care from the Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana.