Heated bomber jacket

Authors: Evrim Büyükaslan, Petja ZorecJensin Elaine Wallace

Technology: sewing, knitting, solderingMaterials: waxed cotton, woollen trims, metal zipper, wearable electronics
Materials: waxed cotton, woollen trims, metal zipper, wearable electronics                                Prototype size: L  

This sporty and stylish men’s bomber jacket for quadriplegics is made of waxed cotton that offers good weather protection. The wearable electronics integrated between the lining and the filler keep the back area warm with the electric wheelchair battery serving as the energy source. Donning and doffing is made easier with a stretchable trim in the shoulder area. Additionally, a mouth-operated smartphone application can be developed to adjust the temperature.

Evrim Büyükaslan (TR), is currently completing her PhD studies in Textile Engineering, focusing on the representation of garments in virtual environments.

Petja Zorec (SI), is a fashion designer, runs her own brand of the same name, and is a member of the design society Squat.

Jensin Elaine Wallace (USA), holds a master’s degree from the School of Design, Art, Architecture and Planning (DAAP) of the University of Cincinnati.